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Howlite - Essential Oil Vial Necklace
Howlite - Essential Oil Vial Necklace
Howlite - Essential Oil Vial Necklace
Howlite - Essential Oil Vial Necklace

Howlite - Essential Oil Vial Necklace

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Our vial necklaces bring together two of the most powerful healing elements from nature: crystals and essential oils. They are a wearable form of self-care and can serve as a vessel for your daily wellness ritual. Through the process of combining crystals/stones and essential oils, the healing properties of each can be heightened to promote feelings of well-being, positivity and serenity.
To use: Simply unscrew the top bead of the vial and use the included dropper to fill your necklace with your essential oil of choice. The necklace can be used daily via deep breathing or topical application to harness the specific powers of the chosen stone and oil.

Howlite properties: awareness | serenity | creativity

Howlite intention: I am attuned to my higher purpose and inner serenity. 

Chakras: crown | third eye

Product features:

  • 100% natural crystal/stone essential oil vial
  • 29 inch gold-plated chain (adjustable to 31")
  • Holds 3-5 drops of your favorite essential oil or perfume
  • Crystals are cleansed and charged prior to shipping
  • Includes oil dropper and necklace care guide
  • Gift box included
  • Made with  in Minnesota!

Because our vial necklaces are made from 100% natural crystals and stones, colors, pattern, and size may vary slightly. 


"I got my necklace today. I LOVE IT. It is sooooo gorgeous. I have many diffuser necklaces but this is by far my favorite."- Angela D.

"My necklace arrived and it is so incredibly beautiful! All of my friends are in love with the necklace since I shared it and are planning to order for themselves."- Bri H.

"I received my birthday present to myself yesterday and it is the most amazing piece of jewelry I think I have TO DATE! Thank you so much @essenceandstoneco."- Loree M.